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Con & Craig's Inseparable Friendship

Over the last few years, Con and Craig have become inseparable. Con has been a regular visitor to Unisson’s St Ives Community Access Hub for around seven years and over that time he and Craig have formed a very special friendship.

Located in a quiet suburban neighbourhood, the centre offers a variety of activities and outings, plus a chance to meet a range of people, nurture your creative side or even learn some new gardening skills in the special sensory garden. No two days are the same and the satisfaction comes from being part of an active and growing community.

Con resides in a shared living home in Turramurra while Craig lives a shared living home at St Ives - so Unisson’s community centre is the perfect place to catch up. Upon arrival at the centre, Con and Craig always seek each other out to discuss their plans for the day. Often this will involve an outing which both love to enjoy, such as a trip to Narrabeen Lakes. You can be sure that Con is always actively looking out for Craig – especially on stairs or on uneven ground.

Con also likes walking and will sometimes persuade a more hesitant Craig to come along. Con is a great support to Craig, who is a little unsteady on his feet and Con will always offer assistance.

Like a lot of other Sydneysiders, Con and Craig both share a love of coffee shops. Craig loves to sit in busy coffee shops, watching people come and go. Con also likes the social aspect.

Emotional support is important too in this special friendship. Con and Craig find it easier to face challenges when they are together. At times when both are feeling unsure or anxious, they are able to provide a sense of calm to each other. Building their communication skills with one another helps Con and Craig interact with more confidence in other settings.

Con and Craig both enjoy being part of the wider group at the St Ives Community Access Hub. Sitting with others and being involved in the general conversation or going out for day trips gives both Con and Craig a lot of satisfaction as well as that.

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