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Finding the YES for Ellie

Next to you lurks a giant, creepy spider. You’re on the verge of shouting but a glimpse of Ellie catches your eye, her playful grin giving away the truth. It's all a prank, a clever ploy by Ellie to bring a smile to your face!

Ellie is warm, caring, and loves to joke. Her transition to her current home has brought out her happy and playful side! Several years back, she was living with housemates of differing ages and lifestyles, which wasn’t a good fit for Ellie. Recognising the importance of lifestyle, Unisson began to look for a more suitable living option with Ellie. The team were determined to find the Yes! When the chance arose for her to transition to her current household, it proved to be a turning point. Among her new housemates, who are of similar age and interests, Ellie discovered a shared love for animals. It’s been a great move that has led to many YES moments supported by Team Leader, Maddison.

In their cosy kitchen, Ellie loves to cook. With a particular love for Asian cuisine, her support workers assist her to prepare dishes like sushi, noodles, and rice paper rolls, which are infused with her own personal touches of flavour.

When taking a break from master chef, Ellie juggles two part-time jobs. When Ellie expressed her love for gardening, the Unisson team were fast to find the YES and connect her to Ground works. Ellie and the team maintain a range of gardens with lawn mowing, brush cutting, mulching and leaf blowing. According to Ellie, her teammates make her laugh, and she loves mowing! Ellie’s other job is with an external packaging company, but she says she would like to build up her days with Ground Works, as this is her favourite type of work. Kudos to the Unisson team😉

With Ellie’s passion for animals and the team’s determination to keep her active, Maddison organised a trial for Ellie to volunteer with Greyhounds as Pets. This wonderful organisation cares for greyhounds before they find their forever home! Ellie has now volunteered for a year and said the friendly doggos brought her so much joy as well as the opportunity to exercise.

There are many moments of YES and joy in Ellie’s story! The team have done an amazing job to keep her physically active and working towards her health and well-being goals. The most recent and empowering YES moment was when Maddison supported Ellie to learn to prepare her daily medication. Maddison believes this has been a positive experience for Ellie and is a great way of empowering her through her daily life! 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

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