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Unisson's SIL fosters meaningful connection for Brad

Supported Independent Living (SIL) client Brad has a sociable disposition and loves to be involved in various activities at his home. According to Team Leader Dean, Brad’s bubbly personality is infectious. He says, “In Brad’s old neighbourhood near Woy Woy, he was a well-known identity, having worked at the local McDonald’s restaurant for nearly 20 years. Everyone knew him!” Unisson has supported Brad for many years in his own home through our Supported Living service, where he built a good relationship with his support workers. With the onset of the COVID pandemic, he returned to the family home, however, earlier this year, Brad received a new NDIS plan which enabled him to move into one of Unisson’s SIL homes on the Central Coast.

Support workers at the home were excited to welcome Brad. According to Dean, “Unisson wanted to add an additional personal touch to Brad’s new room and help him to settle into his new home, so we organised for his bedroom cupboard to be painted with blackboard paint. Brad is a big fan of Calendars and movies, so a space for a giant calendar and movie quotes made sense.”

Brad’s new residence is further from his family and connections, and making sure he stays connected with them is always a priority. To help with the transition, some of Brad’s support workers travelled to support him in his new home, to help him settle in. This worked well, and now Brad is getting to know the new people who will be supporting him.

Brad enjoys leading an independent lifestyle, and being involved in his local community is very important to him. His new home is close to local shops, including a coffee shop and the library, which he often visits to meet with other people. Brad enjoys trips to the nearby beach for a walk, but he also loves to visit his old neighbourhood to reconnect with his friends, his family and visit his favourite places. And whenever he goes out, a meal at McDonald’s is sure to be on the agenda, with Brad’s preferred Filet-O-Fish (no cheese) and a decaf coffee on order.

The SIL accommodation which Brad shares with 5 other residents has a great community feel. It consists of several units with a shared recreational space and dining room. Within the complex, Brad shares a unit with one other person, but has his own bedroom.

Unisson Team Leader Dean Fagan says, “Brad is a social butterfly and he thrives on companionship. He gets involved in anything that’s happening at the house, any social events. This might be a birthday party for clients or staff, or family members. We love parties; we invite the families along where possible.”

Something Brad enjoys on weekends is the footy. He and his housemates frequently watch local games with their support workers, especially a couple who play for their suburban teams. Brad and his friends love to cheer their support workers on from the sidelines. Of course, the visit usually ends with a trip to Maccas on the way home.

It’s well known by all who know Brad that he is passionate about movies. His favourites include Scream, The Matrix and Rocky, and he loves to quote from the movies and do impressions. With an extensive movie collection and a large TV in his room, this is Brad’s favourite place to chill and wind down at the end of the day. He enjoys this routine which is preceded by a cup of hot chocolate and his favourite Monte Carlo biscuits. Dean says, “There have been significant changes in Brad’s life over the past year, but he’s done amazingly well. He has a wonderful relationship with his family, and he’s out in the community, living his best life.”

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